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July 9, 2007
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Light Combustion .RELEASE. by skm-industries Light Combustion .RELEASE. by skm-industries
Light Combustion
Light Combustion RELEASE!

:bulletblue:This pack is split into per-resolution downloads for convenience and the DA 30mb upload limit (the full thing was 107mb)
:bulletblue:if you download, please comment and / or fav, and please fav HERE, and not the individual packs

Standard 4:3 sizes:
Get 1600x1200 Here: [link]
Get 1280x1024 Here: [link]
Get 1024x768 Here: [link]
Get 1280x800 Here: [link]
Get 1440x900 Here: [link]
Get 1680x1050 Here: [link]
Get 1920x1200 Here: [link]
Get 2560x1600 Here: [link]

If your screen is larger or smaller, choose the closest one, and it *should* stretch to fit pretty well

An introduction to the images: (alphabetically)
Blue Combustion / Cellaphane / Cloraphyl / Concrete Dash / Deep Dark / Demon Dawn / Demon Seed / Electric Rose / Fields Rising / Glow-Flow / Gold Brushed / Headlights In Neon / Magenta Blood / Natural Tones / Neon-On / Pale Day / Pale pink / Panda Food / Planked / Plant Pot / Plastic Skin / Retro / Roots / Steel Combustion / Ultra-Violet / Verde

Bonus pack 1:
Coming soon! 6+ New images / all resolutions

:bulletblue:After the amazing amount of time this has taken me, i've still not made the following:
Mobile pack / Just the PSP, PDA, Cell & iPhone images
Now, i may, or may not do this, i've been pretty lucky to have the time over the weekend to do this pack.

:bulletblue:All images are in the best quality i can give you in JPG format (all max 12), and the Apple HD versions should be 160dpi, the rest will be 72dpi (not that you'd notice, they'll all look smooth as hell anyway!), if there are any jpg issues, that'd be because of the zip file.

:bulletblue:if you download, please comment and / or fav, and please fav HERE, and not the individual packs

:bulletred:Permissions and restrictions
Now, with this pack, you do not have permission to make anything other than personal modifications (like re-sizing, as mentioned above), and that means you can't share those modifications with anyone.
You may not alter these images for your own use in any way (like re-colouring, for example), and you may not use them as a part of another work, be it commercial or personal.
And you really do not have permission to remove the copyright info on each image.

:bulletgreen:However, i DO permit you to upload the preview image (also included in the zip) to sites, but ONLY the preview, and it MUST link back to this very page: And only for promotion of this wallpaper pack.

:bulletred:You do not have permission to upload the zip file to anywhere, for any reason.

:bulletred:By downloading this pack you agree to these terms as well as the standard terms of international copyright law under which this pack (and all my work) is protected.


© 2007 D. Walker of Superevildesign

:bulletred: You do not have permission to re-use, alter, edit or distribute my work in any way.
Questions? Please leave a message or send me a note.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2007-07-13
For sheer volume of variation and choice, Light Combustion .RELEASE. by *skm-industries wins hands down. This is the kind of pack we love to see in the wallpaper gallery; packed with masses of resolutions and styles catering for all tastes! ( Featured by zilla774 )
saihikawa Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks~! I like the blue one...
they are awesome.

used here: [link]
RazielSnake Jul 20, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Wow ! One of the best wallpaper work ever ! Congrats ! :)
Absolutely astonishing collection; Instant Fav.
Looks Great.. Thanks for the Post............
They are beautiful, good! But if I can download them, where I can do it?
skm-industries Jun 20, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
read the description. All the download links are there.
very nice work!!
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